Friday, November 4, 2011


Bolasterone (aka Myagen)  is simply DiMethyltestosterone (7α,17α-Dimethyltestosterone), or Methyltestosterone (testosterone with a methyl group at the 17th position) but with an additional methyl group (hence “dimethyl”) at the C7 position.  The first methyl group (at the 17th position) allows the steroid to pass through the liver and remain active in the blood. The Second methyl group (at the 7th position) prevents it from binding freely to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), thereby allowing much of it to remain unbound and in an active state, and therefore greatly increasing its potency. I think any further comparison to Methyltestosterone (except perhaps with regards to hepatoxicity – the fancy word for liver toxicity) wouldn’t really be warranted.

Chemically, this stuff is closer to Cheque Drops (Mibolerone) than anything else I can think of. Check out their names side-by-side:

    17beta-Hydroxy-7alpha, 17dimethylestr-4-an-3-one (Cheque Drops)
    17beta-Hydroxy-7alpha, 17dimethylandrost-4-an-3-one (Bolasterone)

The difference here, going by the names, is that one is derived from Nandrolone, and the other is derived from Testosterone (Bolasterone).  And if we’re interested in a paint-by-numbers account of thses two compounds, Cheque Drops have an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 590:250, while GP Bolasterone has a 575:300. Clearly they are very, very, similar. This could end up being a nightmare of liver toxic, side-effect producing garbage. On the other hand, maybe it’ll be the greatest stuff ever.

I’m optimistic, personally, and if I had some on hand, I’d try it. So, for what it’s worth, I feel comfortable enough with the compound to not only warrant talking about it, but also to take it personally.

Unfortunately, most of what we (or at least I)  know about Bolasterone is really speculative and/or academic. To my knowledge, it wasn’t available anywhere when I wrote my first book, although I noted that its high anabolic rating (575!) would make it a likely candidate to appear on the black market after my book was published. I was right, and DL Pharmaceuticals eventually produced it in limited quantities in 2007, only to disappear again by 2008.  Recently, Geneza Pharmaceuticals has put it back on the market, as a 50mg tablet. I can understand why they’d think it would be appealing to anabolic steroid users -  it’s 3x as androgenic as testosterone and almost 6x as anabolic! While I realize that those numbers don’t always paint an accurate picture of a steroid’s potency (Halotestin is over 19x as anabolic as testosterone, and it’s virtually useless for muscle gain). (*Note: I don’t work for Geneza Pharmaceuticals, aka Naps/NapsGear, nor any of their competitors.)

BolasteroneMetabolismTaking a look at the metabolites, none are immediately aromatized into estrogen, but what I’m seeing here is a removal of the 4-5 double bond and the addition of a hydrogen, thereby showing the potential of this steroid to become 5a-reduced version of its former self, or a dihydrodimethyltestosterone. Last time I checked, William Llewellyn had been saying that Bolasterone probably wasn’t able to be 5a-reduced, and likely converts to a highly potent estrogen, but I think the chart on the left clearly shows the opposite. I mention this because even though I think he’s a complete D-Bag, I don’t discount his steroid knowledge. None of the metabolites appear to be aromatized, as the signature alternating double bonds in the A-ring are not apparent at this stage. Is there further metabolism of these metabolites downstream? Are they substrates for something I haven’t examined? I don’t know. Maybe there is. Maybe they are.  I have no idea.

Methyltestosterone happens to convert to a very potent form of estrogen, so this might be the case here as well, and Bolasterone may well end up being the kind of stuff we see people finding use to necessarily be in conjunction with an anti-estrogen, like Anastrozole (Arimidex) or Aromasin (Exemestane). Maybe it converts to the frightening 7α,17α-dimethylestradiol. And since Cheque drops are a liver-toxic nightmare, in terms of estrogen-like symptoms, we may see that here too…perhaps similarly to what is seen with Anadrol, which is 5a-reduced and doesn’t convert to estrogen – yet for some reason exhibits estrogen like side effects such as gynecomastia. Hell…maybe we won’t see any conversion to anything, and a ton of side effects anyway (again, Anadrol comes to mind). On the other hand, this stuff is definitely going to be liver toxic. But as for side effects? We may see none.

Then again, perhaps is doesn’t convert to estrogen at all. If Bolasterone undergoes 5a-reduction immediately in the first stage of metabolism, then aromatization would be impossible. On the other hand, if this chart is incomplete, then maybe it does undergo conversion to estrogen.

One thing is for sure: Since Geneza Pharmaceuticals has brought this stuff back into circulation, we’ll find out soon enough.